10 kickass things to do in the Singapore CBD you don't want to miss

Nobody wants to visit a central business district on holiday, do they? At least, that’s what I think when I'm planning places to visit when I travel. When I was in London I stayed at an apartment in Canary Wharf and while it was interesting to be looking out at the offices it felt pretty quiet and boring in the evenings. However, Ginza in Tokyo is very much thriving and I love the vibe whenever I stay there. One night we didn’t get there early enough and the standing bar izakaya I love got so crowded with post work drinkers we couldn’t find a single spare spot to squeeze into. The whole street, in fact, was filled. I spend a lot of time in the Singapore CBD, and it's filled with gems. There's no shortage of things to do in the Singapore CBD stretching from Raffles Place to Telok Ayer to Ann Siang Hill.  

Chand Baori, Abhaneri

Quiet, dusty roads stretch into the distance, where only the only unit of measure one feels for distance is time, not kilometre. You can tell it’s hot, but inside the cool confines of a car the journey is almost pleasant. On the highway this far from Jaipur there aren’t any camels or elephants on the road any longer, and people are few and far in between. We’re on our way to the Chand Baori stepwell, 95km from Jaipur in the village of Abhaneri. 

Switching from Canon to Sony digital camera helped me travel better

When I first started photography on my travels about 7-8 years ago Canon was the obvious choice. I started with a Canon 500D and a Sigma lens. Over the years I eventually invested in and built up a good set of lenses but by then I had only traded up to a Canon 60D. It worked well for a few years and the goal was to eventually get a 5D mark II. Fast forward to now, I’m finally at the point where I can invest in a full-frame and the Canon 5D mark IV (newly released this year) is no longer the obvious choice.

Shao Shao Ke, Taipei

Our meal at Shao Shao Ke was based on Shanxi Cuisine. Utterly delicious, this was a completely new insight for us into a really different style of Chinese cooking from Northern China. Shanxi cuisine is characterised by its use of vinegar locally produced in its region, with emphasis on meats like lamb, which hardly ever makes an entrance in Chinese cooking.

how to get the most out of Jaipur

Being our first time to Jaipur and my first time to India, we knew that it wasn’t going to be possible to enjoy a lot of things if we hadn’t done any basic planning. India is one place where if you don't have a local guide, you’re missing out a lot because nothing makes sense and everything is wholly unfamiliar.

Work smart immediately - no bullsh*t productivity at work

You know, in Australian culture it’s actually taboo to work beyond 6pm. They see it as being inefficient. In Asia, the later you work the better, because you’re seen as dedicated and hardworking. Hard work isn’t always the best work, however. Your best work comes when you’re effective and inspired, and that means being as productive as you can in a short amount of time. 

Out of Office: Kristen, Worn Passports

Since my first trip to Europe in college, 10 years ago, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug!  I also love researching and planning travel and talking to other people about their travel experiences.  I launched my site last year with that in mind - a network where we can all provide planning help and travel inspiration to each other.

Favourite Lisbon Foods

When I was researching Lisbon I was utterly fascinated by one dish in particular, the francesinha, a Portugese sandwich originally from Porto. Made with bread, ham, linguica, sausage, steak or roast meat, covered in melted cheese and a thick tomato and beer sauce. 

Our Lisbon

Portugal is often compared (in my head) to Spain, with so many similarities in its food, Moorish influence in its architecture, and its history. When I visited Lisbon it was such an eye opener to this beautiful place that never really existed for me (again, in my head), and I fell in love with Lisbon's rustic beauty and unique character.

what I love about Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy was a Kingdom founded in the 15th century, where the Sinhalese Kings in Ceylon fought the Portuguese Empire, and when it wasn't looking so good, called out to the Dutch for help. And then the Dutch took over for a bit, so nobody really won that one. Thereafter the Kandyan Wars (not to belittle history but could they not have named this the Kandy Wars?) were fought between the Kingdom of Kandy (such a win of a name) and the British in 1796. So the Brits won, and there ended 2,357 years of Sinhalese independence.