Little India, Singapore

Little India, Singapore

5 quick things about me

  1. I work an actual full time job, yes, it's not just lip service. Sometimes it's more than 9-6 and takes up whole weekends but it's a job that I've come to love after many years of trial, error, "following passion" and all that bullshit. I've matured into how I appreciate my role and job for more than just a monthly salary. 
  2. I travel about 6-7 times or more a year. Being based in Singapore, this means a majority of where I go, repeatedly, is around Asia. However it's only in 2017 that I visited India for the first time so there's plenty more I haven't yet explored. I do 1 or 2 long trips a year, about 2 weeks, to far flung places like Europe.  
  3. Being extremely introverted means I don't socialise easily when I'm travelling solo, but I'm grateful for all the times that travelling solo forced me out of my comfort zone to do something *wild* and *crazy* like have a conversation with a stranger. I'd rather boil myself in soup. I still hate small talk.
  4. It's a little weird, but I like visiting grocery stores when I'm overseas. I love seeing a little slice of the "normal" life for people who live there. I especially love large warehouses and it's been a dream to one day be able to photograph these places. And maybe to live in one. My god, the space. For my 3,546 cats and a few dogs.
  5. In a 3 seat configuration on planes I prefer the aisle to window seat.

5 non related things i'll tell you anyway

  1. I love all sorts of global cuisines, eating is a big thing I do, but I'm guilty of eating more McNuggets than anything else. As I get older I'm more conscious about what I eat so I'm cutting down on greasy and fried foods and getting more healthiness back into my meals. Still have McNugget nights though. 

  2. My partner Shawn and I adopted 2 beautiful black cats in 2014. They are named after All Blacks players Richie McCaw and Dan Carter.
  3. I can’t swim, though I love the beach and lounging by pools. This is why I’ve never tried surfing. However I’m still gungho about white-water rafting and I LOVE kayaking! It’s very therapeutic for me.
  4. I dress primarily in black and I basically have the same few shirts and pants in bulk from my favourite store ever, Uniqlo. I didn't do this for the famed Steve Jobs thing but because it saved me from being late to work every morning. One day I found a shirt and pants combo I liked and bought 4 of each so I didn't have to think about what to wear in the morning, and since then I buy usually about 3 or 4 of the same piece just to keep that routine. I've stopped shopping for fast fashion and the only thing I buy from H&M these days are socks.
  5. I swear occasionally here and vociferously in real life. 



My aha! moment came when a colleague proudly proclaimed one of my Kyoto food recommendations as his absolute favourite food experience in Japan. I work full time and plan travel for as many months of the year I can, once pulling off 9 months out of 12. So it's always surprising to me to keep hearing the excuses people give to talk themselves out of travelling. Travelling is effort, for sure. It takes me a lot of time to pull together a good itinerary. Expensive? Yes, but so is eating out every day, taking taxis everywhere, shopping, and buying a round of drinks at your local bar. It all adds up and it's a matter of perspective, what you're willing to spend on. 

My biggest pain point is that people see travel as an escape, or a treat, and thus they do so infrequently rather than planning smartly for one. I myself fell into the trap once of thinking of travel as an escape and I felt sick. That feeling robbed me of the joy of the trip and worse, it punished me when I went back to my job. So NineTwoBySix is a little pushy when it comes to saying that you can have affordable luxury, you can discover deliciousness wherever you go, and you can plan better to have these amazing things in your life. 

All my travel advice and recommendations are based on places I’ve personally experienced or researched, and I am too blunt and honest in real life to be full of bullshit here.  


COLLABORATE – Anything that allows someone to improve the way they travel or gets them to try a new cuisine, that’s right up my alley. I’d love to collaborate on new projects to test out new foods, explore new activities, or write about new places.

TRAVEL STORIES –  I write and photograph travel stories. I've been published on herehere and on Medium.

GUEST POST - My Out of Office weekly blogger feature shines the light specially on those who manage to balance a hectic working life with a fulfilling travel lifestyle. Fill in the form below with your details if you want to be featured. 

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TRAVEL & EAT - I profile some of my favourite locations and restaurants. If I have time to write about it, I certainly enjoyed it. No opinion here is sponsored because life is too short to be writing about stuff you don't enjoy. 

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