Quinta da Regaleira's Initiation Well Sintra, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira's Initiation Well
Sintra, Portugal


Welcome to my corner of the world here! I’m name is Judy Cheong, and I’ve been bitten by the travel bug ever since my parents brought me on my first trip to Phuket when I was way too young to remember, about 6 or 7. Since then, I’ve explored pockets of the world as a teenager with my parents, as a solo young traveller and then with my wonderful partner Shawn. The only other thing I love more than travel is food. I’ll pass on skydiving if I can have more food.

Let's see... I spend 1/3 of my day making other people's lives, products and companies better (not a complaint, my day job involves things I love like digital & creatives!), 1/3 sleeping and 1/3 generally living, socialising, exercising, and mundane things like groceries. Sounds like a lot? Most people just stop here. But I'm also devoted to planning my next trip and my next fabulous meal! NineTwoBySix is all about planning for and grabbing opportunities to explore the world. You don't have to give it all up today just to travel 24/7. 

5 things you don’t know about me

  1. I love all sorts of global cuisines, eating is a big thing I do, but I'm guilty of eating more McNuggets than anything else. 

  2. Shawn and I adopted 2 beautiful black cats in 2014. They are named after All Blacks players Richie McCaw and Dan Carter.
  3. I can’t swim, though I love the beach and lounging by pools. This is why I’ve never tried surfing. However I’m still gungho about white-water rafting and I LOVE kayaking! It’s very therapeutic for me.
  4. Professionally, I dress primarily in black and I basically have the same few shirts and pants in bulk. I didn't do this for the famed Steve Jobs thing but because it saved me from being late to work every morning. 
  5. In a 3 seat configuration on planes I prefer the aisle to window seat. Are you judging me? I can feel you judging me. 
Antequera, the "White Village" Andalusia, Spain

Antequera, the "White Village"
Andalusia, Spain


My aha! moment came when a colleague proudly proclaimed one of my Kyoto food recommendations as his absolute favourite food experience in Japan. I work full time and plan travel for as many months of the year I can, once pulling off 9 months out of 12. NineTwoBySix is about affordable luxury, delicious discoveries and helping people plan for these amazing things in their lives. All my travel advice and recommendations are based on places I’ve personally experienced or researched. I share articles about food and travel weekly.

What you can find on this site:

Travel Features - I write about how to plan better, save more, and generally think about frequent travel as a sustainable lifestyle, not a once in a blue moon treat. 

Out of Office Weekly Features - I interview likeminded individuals who live by the same motto!

Travel & Food - I profile some of my favourite locations and restaurants. If I have time to write about it, I certainly enjoyed it. No opinion here is sponsored because life is too short to be writing about stuff you don't enjoy. 

how we can WORK TOGETHER

Collaborate – Anything that allows someone to improve the way they travel or gets them to try a new cuisine, that’s right up my alley. I’d love to collaborate on new projects to test out new foods, explore new activities, or write about new places.

Creative Campaigns - My day job revolves around big ideas in advertising and digital campaign planning. I work personally on social engagement and branding strategies for big brands in the F&B, consumer mobile, travel, and major appliance space. If you have something you want to shout out about, chat with me about how we can build a strong strategy that creates powerful creative work.

Guest Post - My upcoming weekly blogger feature shines the light specially on those who manage to balance a hectic working life with a fulfilling travel lifestyle. Fill in the form below with your details if you want to be featured. 

Freelance Travel Stories – whether it’s reviewing a hotel, talking about food, or recommending the best activities, I’m up to writing and photographing any stories you may need. I've been published on DesignTaxi.com here and here and on Medium.


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