No, not exactly. I have a full time job I'm passionate about and I don't want to give up working completely. Meanwhile, there's nothing that makes me happier than travelling and being in touch with the world. NineTwoBySix was born from my seeking that balance between meaningful work and purposeful travel

Giving it all up to travel 24/7 felt very possible at one point of my life though I realised eventually I'd become restless. The lifestyle would've been fantastic in the beginning but I would have felt like I gained a lot less in the end. I wanted both in equal measure, to look back and know that I gained something professionally without giving up personally. 

So this site is a little bit travel - how to get more and how to travel better - as well as a bit of motivation, for those times in between when work sometimes isn't always great. And in case you're wondering, this site ISN'T named after the 9am-6pm work life. If anything I believe people are more efficient, creative, productive and prosperous if they have the freedom to explore other activities.